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Hal Crawford is an Asia-Pacific-based media executive with broad experience in online, radio, television, and print media.

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The importance of being honest

Using the right language and being honest are the two most important aspects of managing a newsroom.

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The social news revolution

A multi-year research project into social news sharing taught me that the first step in progressing any content business is to gather and analyse data.

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The news bargaining code

One of the most fascinating developments in news media has taken form in the past 12 months in Australia.

Crawford Media Consulting can help

Audience behaviour has changed profoundly while display advertising has been mastered and commodified by digital platforms. Making content is as challenging as it ever was. Many organisations need to meet the costs of platform diversification but new revenue streams look weak. The runway a few yards ahead is thin air.

How do you strategise effectively when your people are focussed on everyday survival? How do you find a single source of truth when it comes to the numbers? How do you move forward?

Crawford Media Consulting can help: with an external expert view of your business, your audience, a condensed snapshot of stakeholder perceptions, an insight into what’s preventing change or where resources should be concentrated for the biggest impact. Hal Crawford is a media executive, author, teacher and communications professional with 25 years of multi-national experience. Get in contact with Hal here.