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In conversation with Tim Burrowes

For the first podcast of the Crawford Media experience I have the honour of presenting Mumbrella founder Tim Burrowes. The discussion covers the tumultuous last decade in Australian media history, as told in his book Media Unmade.

Please find the link to the audio here.

I went deep into the book in my review. Here you have a chance to hear Burrowes explain his thinking around the book’s structure and subjects, and also go into some of the bigger characters in recent media history.

While I intend to publish interviews where possible, I can’t promise podcasts with the regularity of the newsletter. Where I have high-quality audio, I’ll do my best to make the interviews available.

In this conversation I assumed a great deal of knowledge on the part of the listener, which is no doubt annoying. Apologies. Please see my earlier article for context. Here is a list of some of the people mentioned in this podcast:

  • Greg Hywood, CEO of Fairfax Media from 2010-2018
  • Chris Janz, Chief Digital and Publishing Officer at Nine, soon to leave that post and formerly a Fairfax executive
  • Chris Mitchell, former Editor-in-chief of The Australian newspaper
  • Scott Galloway, US podcast host and marketing professor
  • Cathy O’Conner, former CEO of Nova Entertainment, currently CEO of oOh! Media.
  • Lachlan Murdoch, the eldest son of Rupert Murdoch is also the Executive Chairman of Nova.
  • Alan Kohler, finance journalist, former editor and founder of Business Spectator
  • Phillip Adams, ABC radio host and commentator
  • Paul Whittaker, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, now CEO of Sky News
  • Mia Freedman, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and co-founder of digital publisher MamaMia
  • Jason Levine, CEO and co-founder of MamaMia and Freedman’s husband
  • Sarah Wilson, Australian journalist and author of “I Quit Sugar”
  • Neil Ackland, CEO of youth publisher Junkee (currently owned by oOh! Media, for sale) and CMO of oOh! Media)
  • Tim Duggan, co-founder of Junkee and author of “Cult Status”
  • Chris Wirasinha, co-founder of youth publisher Pedestrian TV, co-founder of Linkby
  • Oscar Martin, co-founder of Pedestrian TV
  • Harold Mitchell, Australian ad agency founder and chairman of Free TV, among other things

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