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While this site serves as a banner for my business, it is also a content hub in its own right, including reproducing the archive from the now-defunct Go Inside News which contained a selection of my writing on media, including two chapters of the book All Your Friends Like This.

The most recent work of Crawford Media Consulting has been assisting with the establishment of the Public Interest Journalism Fund in New Zealand. The PIJF is a $55m NZD, three-year fund which will substantially assist news reporting and organisations. It really is a fascinating and important development in public funding of news.

The work that lead to Crawford Media’s involvement in the PIJF was the NZ Media Fund Review. This substantial piece of reporting and analysis, completed in November 2020, examined the funding operations of NZ On Air over a period of 6 years.

Unlike the PIJF report, which is only available in summary, the NZ Media Fund Review has been released in full online.